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Wednesday night report: News, notes, observations from Day 2 of Dolphins minicamp

Snippets from Day 2 of the Dolphins’ three-day minicamp:

### The offense was much better today than Tuesday, including (we kid not) a few deep balls that were actually completed!: a 30-yarder on the sideline, from Ryan Tannehill to Armon Binns, who made a leaping catch despite solid coverage from Jamar Taylor; and another long throw from Matt Moore to Brian Hartline.

Tannehill threw a pick (off a deflection) to Cam Wake and another to Reshad Jones after a referee whistle but also tossed two darts for touchdowns –-- one to Mike Wallace in the corner of the end zone and a 12-yarder to Michael Egnew. Tannehill also threw a beautiful strike to Charles Clay between Jalil Brown and Don Jones.

“Lot better today,” Tannehill told the team-controlled Finsiders radio show. “Still not perfect. We had a lot less mental errors. It’s exciting to see the progression from yesterday.”

### Tannehill, on new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor: “He’s very precise. He wants everything exactly like he talked about. That gives me comfort.... That accountability is raised.”

### Tannehill likes the amount of pre-snap motion in the offense: “It’s been great. Just the difference from last year, moving guys around, is huge. Just being comfortable with moving, shifting tight ends and backs. It’s challenging. But it’s going to create a lot of mismatches on offense. We’re going to put people in positions they don’t want to be on defense, get the ball to our playmakers all over the field.”

### Encouraging: Eight months after a major injury, Brandon Gibson said his knee is fine, and Tannehill noted Gibson “is moving well, but still not 100 percent.”

### The Dolphins are making considerable use of running backs in the passing game, and Daniel Thomas was particularly impressive in that regard today.

“Our backs are going to line out and catch balls,” Tannehill said. “When you have [backs] who have good hands and can make people miss, it adds a whole other dimension to your offense."

### For those hoping Dion Jordan will take playing time away from Derrick Shelby, be advised of these comments from Philbin, who really likes Shelby:

“The thing about Shelby is you watch him on film and the cut ups at the end of the season and then you probably gain a better appreciation for him than you do during the year,” Philbin said. “He’s very, very disciplined. He really carries out his assignments and his technique well. He’s smart. He’s in the right spot. So he’s made a nice contribution over these couple of years. I’m excited about what he can do for us this year as well.”

### With Koa Misi given a break from team drills today, Jelani Jenkins got extensive work with the starters. “He picks things up quickly,” Philbin said. “I noticed him today.”

### Dannell Ellerbe, who played middle linebacker with Misi out of team drills, continues to have problems in pass coverage.

### Philbin pointed to Jamar Taylor and Dallas Thomas as young players that have emerged.

### Knowshon Moreno again sat out most of team drills for reasons Philbin has declined to explain. But Philbin has praised Moreno both days, so he’s not in the doghouse per se.

### Philbin, on newcomers Shelley Smith (the starting right guard) and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell: “Shelley, he’s kind of a guy that doesn’t make a lot of noise, real hard worker, very strong guy and he’s done well. Earl --- I love the way he works. He shows up on pursuit on plays away from him. He’s hustling to the ball. He would probably be one of those guys that you might classify as a quiet leader. Really pleased with him.”

### Caleb Sturgis, plagued by inconsistency last year, has been less erratic this year. He nailed a field goal from just over 50 yards today.

### Rookie receiver Matt Hazel continues to do a good job getting open. Meanwhile, ex-Titans receiver Damian Williams dropped a pass and hasn’t distinguished himself.

### Walt Aikens finally made a play today (breaking up a pass to Binns) and Jimmy Wilson batted down a Tannehill pass. Wilson is clearly the first-team nickel corner. Aikens, by the way, again got some work at both safety and cornerback.

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Maybe Tanny can hit the backs on short passes better than his non existent long pass.


2 more INT's......


Allan, you obviously missed the part about him connecting on a couple of long passes and/or the darts he throw in the end zone. I guess you read what supports your thoughts and glide over what doesn't. Nice!!!

osscar canosa

this is a 7-9 team


Oscar, you are giving too much credit to the New York Stinking J-E-T-S when you prognosticate 7-9


Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, stop your wishful thinking, the Dolphins will be minimum 11-5 or Max 13-3 this year.they will solve the AFC east at 4-2 or 5-1.Oscar, your hating on Tannehill ends this year.

THE 305

7th consecutive losing season coming up.


Anyone who doesn't think Tannehill is a good QB doesn't deserve to have an opinion, so it doesn't matter what they think.


Tannehill will throw ints doesn't mean he's not very good he just trusts his arm more than a lot of QB's. 29 TD's 14 Ints is my prediction.

joe r

ah, it always sounds so good before the season starts for every nfl team..then reality hits 6 weeks in


Really Jordan 3900 yards, 61% comp, 24 TD passes, really.


THE 305, they didn't have a losing season last season. LMAO.

Bob Griese 12

Philbin should just trade Jordan. I mean is he really going to be a difference maker on special teams? Or perhaps fire Coyle, this defense has regressed every year he has been in control. Tell Philbin he won, Jeff Ireland no longer works for Miami.

Mark in Toronto

Ahh, Dolphins talk. Tannehill looks like he's going to progress further, good news. And what is wrong with the prediciton of 3,900, 29, 14? he was 3,900, 24, 17 last year in an inferior offense...

This Jordan business is driving me crazy. If he doesn't get more action this year then Coyle must go and if Munster tries to object then he can leave with him..you as a coach have to do whatever it takes to get a talent like that on the field.

There's a reason the Eagles were trying to steal him from us last year.


What's up MIT.

On the Fins?


L.Miller is the Starting RB. K.Moreno will be the 3rd down back!!

And you trolls can suck a big one. You know nothing but love to spew your vile ignorance as gospel!!

Wait til your daddy gets back from vacation, please don't infest this great blog with your idiocies!! We already have enough with the Gaytor troll and his make believe rivalry!!

The 305

Philbin should just trade Jordan.

Posted by: Bob Griese 12 | 06/19/2014 at 07:35 AM

Ross should just fire Philbin. He's a joke.


The Heat have won 2 titles in 4 years!!

Where is the idiot calling the great Dashi a fool for saying this? You gutless coward face the music!!

And if the Heat don't fire SPO or let him resign!! You can say the Heat will not win another title again!! Even if they add Melo to the star studded roster!!



Other than make a good highlight reel.

Mark in Toronto

Hey Dashi, going through Dolphins talk withdrawal but I can't blame the Herald for shutting down that blog. Guys like YG and Home were making it unbearable even to us die hards.

I posted a little while back here to you and gave you kudos on Spo... you were right.

Yes, 2 titles is excellent, but it could have as easily been one and with 3 all stars in your starting five including a generational player ... it could have been much better.

Now it looks like the Heat are interested in our own Kyle Lowry. i doubt it will happen though, he's looking to be paid. Can't blame him, he hasn't got a big contract yet.







2 watt

still need
a qb

2 watt

stupid homers say
the long ball is
not important

2 watt

a bunch of fairies
u gals r
4 crying to Armando
and having his blog nuked

2 watt

Three and out for Tannehill in first drive. Sack by Vernon. Beat Albert.
get used to this ^
stupid homers

Mark in Toronto

Both Albert and James got beat up bad it sounds like this morning. This o line rebuild is completely on Philbin. He had $40M+ in cap space and 2 of the first three picks to use to address the unit. Anybody here could've fixed it.

Mark in Toronto

From Omar Kelly...

Mike Wallace said Tannehill has thrown 6 deep balls to him since OTAS began and they've hit on four.

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