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Tuesday afternoon: News, notes, quotes from Dolphins and UM practices


### Mike Wallace returned from a hamstring injury but just briefly: Just enough time for Ryan Tannehill to overthrow him on a deep pass.

The Tannehill/Wallace success rate on deep balls, so far in camp, is comparable to their awful 6 for 36 accuracy on balls that were in the air for 20-plus yards last season.

“I kind of wanted to see where I was,” Wallace said of a hamstring injury that is still bothering him a bit. “I told Coach (Joe Philbin) I wanted to get a couple of plays on deep balls. They didn’t want me to go in too fast, kind of working me back in a little bit. The two more runs I got there, I was like, ‘Shoot, I’m out here, might as well try to get some work in.’”

Is the hamstring hurting his progress with Tannehill?

“A little bit on the deep ball because I can’t go as fast as I want to go, but I think we’ll be all right,” he said. “I know the media has been saying that for a while, but he’s getting better with the deep ball. It was a problem overall with everybody not just me last year. Coach (Bill) Lazor is doing a good job staying on him.” 

But as far as practicing them, “I’m not about to sit out here and run 20 deep balls back-to-back to try to get timing. I’m just not about to do it. Not that I don’t want to do it. It’s not healthy for my leg just to keep running deep balls trying to get a feel for it. So when we’re in practice, when we do get those reps, we’ve just got to make them count. We had plenty of opportunities to do it. Coach Lazor does a good job of running those plays and actually calling them in practice, so we’re able to get the feel for it.”

 ### Cortland Finnegan has had a terrific camp; he had three picks today (two off Ryan Tannehill, one off Matt Moore). Even with Jamar Taylor’s improvements, Finnegan has been the better play so far in camp and figures to start opposite Brent Grimes.

“He’s got a lot left in the tank,” Wallace said. “He’s a really smart guy. He knows how to play the combinations of the routes. He’s seen every combination you could possibly bring.  Him and Brent (Grimes), they both take chances. I think they trust in their studies and jump those routes sometimes and they do a good job of it.”

Grimes, by the way, had two picks today --- one off Tannehill, one off Moore.

### As we noted over the weekend, Samson Satele wouldn’t sign with the Dolphins until he got a contract like Darren Colledge’s. Here are the specifics, as shared with us by someone with access to the contract: Satele, like Colledge, can make as much as $2 million. But like Colledge, only $250,000 is guaranteed.

Satele has a $1.25 million base salary, then would earn $46,875 every game he’s on the 46-man roster. So the Dolphins can save a bundle if they cut him when Mike Pouncey is healthy.


Planned to be at UM’s first practice today, but an assignment to cover the arrests of Tony Bosch, Lazaro Collazo, etc. prevented that. (Please see my story on the home page on that topic.) A few UM football notes from this afternoon:

Our Manny Navarro reported the first-team offensive line, from left to right, is Ereck Flowers, Jon Feliciano, Shane McDermott, Danny Isidora and freshman KC McDermott. KC’s presence with the first group was surprising because Art Kehoe raved about Taylor Gadbois' play in the spring.

“KC’s had a great summer; he’s in the mix,” James Coley said today.

### During the spring, UM had Anthony Chickillo and Ufomba Kamalu compete for playing time at the same end spot. But as The Palm Beach Post’s Matt Porter noted this afternoon, Chickillo and Kamalu were both on the field when UM played a 3-4, with new arrival Courtel Jenkins at nose tackle.

“I’m anxious to look at Courtel Jenkins,” defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said. “We have options at nose tackle between Courtel, Olsen Pierre, Michael Wyche, Earl Moore.”

### Per Manny and others, freshman Brad Kaaya threw a 35-yard TD to Rashawn Scott. Kaaya later threw an interception to Artie Burns.

Jermaine Grace then intercepted Jake Heaps, who is the favorite to start.

But Kaaya is being given every chance to compete for the starting job, though it would be surprising if he or fellow freshman Malik Rosier is put in the spot of playing opening night at Louisville.

Coley said the best player will start, regardless of whether he’s a freshman.

“We are going to let them compete,” Coley said today. “If you are not ready, then the redshirt [for freshmen] is the right call.”

Coley said among the quarterbacks, “we’re going to designate a guy [each] day and see how they execute. They’re all being evaluated whether they’re with the 1s or the 2s. With the ones come the added pressure.”

Heaps got work with the starters today.

Coley called Heaps a “worker” who “wants to put in the extra time. He’s a sharp kid. He’s been impressive.”

Coley declined to discuss Kevin Olsen, who took snaps on Tuesday. Olsen refused to discuss his suspension, but Duke Johnson said Olsen has a one-game suspension, as previously reported by WQAM first and confirmed by The Herald's Susan Miller Degnan.

Ryan Williams seems a ways away after knee surgery and wouldn’t speculate when he might be ready to play. “If Ryan is the best guy at that point, Ryan plays,” Coley said.

### Coley said “we need to use [Stacy Coley] in different spots. He can go from slot to backfield to motion in different spots.”

### Speedy running back/receiver Trayone Gray is on campus and could be cleared to practice any day.

### D’Onofrio said freshman end Chad Thomas "has gained 15 pounds, worked his tail off. Really explosive, looked really good."…. D'Onofrio said: “This is the best depth we've had in the secondary and on the d-line" but said he needs to establish who the sixth and seventh linebackers will be after Alex Figueroa and JaWand Blue were expelled from school following arrests…. He loves how Dallas Crawford has adjusted to safety: “Very instinctive, physical mentality.”


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Lt. Lois Einhorn

“I’m not about to sit out here and run 20 deep balls back-to-back to try to get timing. I’m just not about to do it."

That's what you like to hear.

I get that his leg is tweaked, but at some point in the past year plus he and Tannehill should have sat out there and ran 100 deep balls back-to-back to try to get the timing.

They need to figure it out...


having Wallace on our team is such a damn waste is they can't work together off season and get in sync. even if they did work together I doubt Tanny is capable of hitting him consistently. what a waste of talent.
6-10 you heard it here fist


running 100 deep balls over and over doesn't help anyone.....apart from wear them both out


I hope the defense improves. It is time for the defense to be in the top at the least. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Tony in Miami

Barry, don't you think is a little bit of justification always the answers than Williams offer to the press, since the first year w/ Dolphins?
What about the one's Tannehill put in his hands-a few but enough for remember- and dropped

Lt. Lois Einhorn


But they should have been out there every day allowed by NFL rules trying to get their timing right.

Mike Wallace is a one dimensional receiver and the highest paid receiver in the league this year making $17.2M.

That's more than Calvin Johnson, more than AJ Green, more than Dez Bryant, more than Larry Fitzgerald, more than Peyton Manning, more than Tom Brady.

They have to get the deep ball right.


Tennehill gets all the blame for the awful success rate of the Tannehill/Wallace deep balls.


Really Marco really. Tell me about the balls Wallace didn't shield the ball with his body from the defender, are when the defender out hand fights Wallace, you do know about hand fighting right. Or when Wallace fails to adjust to the ball, or when he fails to give up his body to catch a ball. Are those RT's fault.

joe r

mike wallace leaves in the off season to go chill and now he wont go run twenty 50 yard dashes...this is a guy you want on your team

wasnt just a few weeks ago we had a report about how wallace was the hardest working guy in camp because he was catching balls from the machine and wasnt there a guy(me) who said big deal standing at a ball machine; well there you have it folks, he wasnt working hard before the "tweak"..wont work hard after the tweak..they are stuck with the contract but they need to prepare jarvis landry asap and prepare him to start sooner rather than later

david in los angeles

you guys are a bunch of idiots.. he is a team player and he was a great soldier last year with all the drama going on.
he is hurt, you idiots; THAT is why he says he's not going to do all that running right now, and i'm glad he isn't.
they NEVER went to him long consistently until the 2nd half of the season, they lined him up in the same place every time, and they never attempted running the ball. that would've balanced things out and made him more dangerous.
he's a great player, and he'll have a career year this year with the new offense..


Tony in Miami, huh? No offense,but what are you talking about?

Bob Griese 12

Tannehill does not need to be extremely accurate on 50 yard passes, who really is? The important accuracy issues will be the 18-25 yard passes.

The Boss

Just hope Philbin won t lose many more "meaningful games".Especially thr last 2 that likely would mean (again) making the Playoffs.HE needs consistency himself.


Barry, your just upset LeBron left your favorite team. THill and Wallace are much improved from last year so stuff the whole taking your frustrations out on the only Miami team with a chance to hit the post season in 2014 and beyond.

u are u ... HGH & Steroid []_[]

any canes players have some leftover extras from Tony Bosch I can buy ?

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