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1 p.m. Thursday; Golden addresses issues: Dolphins chatter, Canes notes; UM documentary debuts, Stanton

Quick 1 p.m. update from Al Golden's press briefing:

### I asked him if he will have more patience with Brad Kaaya, if he makes mistakes, then he would with an older quarterback. "No patience," he said. "He will execute really well. We don't say, 'You are a freshman.' There are no qualifiers ever here."

### Golden said freshman Trayone Gray is ready to contribute on special teams on Monday and "he's going to have to play this year" on offense, as well. UM is working him at running back, though he can also play receiver.

### He likes how Denzel Perryman has adjusted to mike linebacker. "He's stout and explosive."

### Justin Vogel has won the punting job, though Golden didn't announce it.

### Golden said a few battles for starting jobs are still too close to call. Tyriq McCord, Al Quadin Muhammad and Trent Harris will share time at the defensive end spot opposite Anthony Chickillo. (It's a rush linebacker job when UM plays a 3-4.)

### Golden said Taylor Gadbois, KC McDermott and Trevor Darling are still competing at right tackle. UM has been trying to push Gadbois, who was lax in conditioning this past offseason.


Notes on a Wednesday evening (updated at midnight with details from the new UM documentary that debuted tonight):

### Arthur Lynch’s back injury ultimately cost him his rookie season, but injuries to two other Dolphins rookies appear far less serious. Though guard Billy Turner has been wearing a walking boot this week, there’s no broken bone or need for surgery. Turner has a bone bruise on his left foot and said he’s optimistic he will return to practice next week.

Meanwhile, Walt Aikens, who has made an impressive transition from cornerback to safety, is playing through a hand injury by wearing covering on the hand.

### One question for Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey over the next 72 hours is whether he can parlay some of his receiver depth to acquire help elsewhere, perhaps a backup tight end.

Rishard Matthews, who has made a convincing case for the No. 5 receiver job, could be used as bait for a late-round pick or a backup tight end (not just a body, but somebody who can make a meaningful contribution).

Matthews is best in the slot, but he’s unlikely to play much because Brandon Gibson and Jarvis Landry are ahead of him as slot receivers. Matthews also has been getting some snaps behind Mike Wallace in practice.

We hear receiver Damian Williams has some support inside the Dolphins’ building. So if the Dolphins can get something of value at a need position for Matthews --- or perhaps even Gibson --- a case could be made to consider it.

The Dolphins would be short-changing other positions if they keep seven receivers (the top four, Matthews, Williams and Marcus Thigpen) instead of six. And many teams keep five.

### Even though Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio are friends, associates say Golden bristles when anybody uses that word in discussing D’Onofrio’s work. That happened today on Orlando Alzugaray’s show on WQAM.

Asked about constantly having to defend his friend, Golden said: “I don’t classify it as my friend. At Virginia, we went from 108 to 17 in defense.”

By the way, Golden told Alzugaray that Brad Kaaya has “moved from a manager to an attacker.”

### One huge key is whether the defensive tackle group of Olsen Pierre, Calvin Heurtelou, Courtel Jenkins, Earl Moore, Anthony Moten, injured Corey King and Michael Wyche (when he gets in better shape) is better than last year’s group of Pierre, Curtis Porter, Justin Renfrow, Moore and King. One UM official said he believes it is, but we’ll know a lot more Monday.

It’s telling that Porter wasn’t invited to an NFL camp, and Renfrow was cut by Arizona this week. Other Canes cut this week: offensive lineman Tyler Horn (Tennessee) and defensive end Adewale Ojomo (Dallas).

### Couple other UM items: Good to see Jacksonville Jaguars and undrafted UM receiver Allen Hurns leading the NFL in receiving yardage in preseason (230, on 13 catches). Nobody is even close to that…. CBS announced it will air the North Carolina-at-UM basketball game on Feb. 28… A UM official doesn’t expect former basketball player Rafael Akpejiori to be able to help much this season, even with Beau Sandland leaving. He’s behind at least four tight ends on the depth chart....

Enjoyed seeing the Najeh Davenport documentary on the UM football program that debuted at the O Cinema in Wynwood tonight. The film --- a fun trip down memory lane --- chronicles the 1999, 2000 and 2001 teams and is cholk full of interviews with the key figures from those teams and game footage and videos filmed by players during that impressive run. The film, available on theureloaded.com, is worth the $20 DVD cost if you're a hard-core Canes fan. 

Among the notable sound bites from the film: Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie recalling how they went to then-athletic director Paul Dee to strongly encourage him to promote Larry Coker after Butch Davis left for Cleveland.... Brett Romberg and other players recounting the pre-Sugar Bowl street brawl between UM and UF players. Vince Wilfork emerged from a New Orleans voodoo store to join in.... Coker trying to persuade players to return in 2002, only to learn some of them had just bought expensive cars.

A bunch of former Canes showed up at the premiere tonight, including Phillip Buchanon, Mike Rumph, Jerome McDougle, Gerard Daphnis and former running backs coach Don Soldinger.

### For those who missed it, when Yahoo’s Tim Brown asked Giancarlo Stanton this week about how this season has altered his “top-down view of the organization,” he said: “Five months doesn’t change five years.”

Stanton, who’s eligible for free agency after 2016, made a similar comment to me a couple months ago (he asked that I not write it at that time, which I did not) and to at least one other reporter.

But the comment fuels the perception that he’s unlikely to accept a multiyear offer this winter. The Marlins could always make another offer after the 2015 season, as well.

“We’ve definitely done better than anyone thought we would do,” Stanton told Yahoo. “At the same time, we’re still not where we need to be to keep playing beyond the designed schedule. …I want to be the only game on TV at the end of the day.”

Stanton declined to clarify his future when he spoke with three reporters, including our Clark Spencer, before tonight's game in Anaheim. (Clark has a story on the Marlins page.) But he suggested that his comments to Yahoo are not any indication of his intentions.

Please see the last post for details on the Heat’s acquisition of guard Shannon Brown.


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Stanton should definitely move on to a quality team. Loria is a plague on MLB.

Golden better not be aggravated about talk that D'Onfrio is a friend considering how much he has been protecting him.

Either the defense improves drastically or D is gone. If Golden is not willing to fire his friend, then both should be gone.

Former Season Tckt Holder

There is a special place in hell for Loria, Why would you own a team that will continue to cycle players in and out and lose hall of famers? Please sell!


What a shame that this movie is the only thing the Canes fans can celebrate. Memories. That's all they have.

Freddie's mom

What a shame we ran out of condoms that night.

Fatty Parcells

The Dolphins live the past according to several of their beat writers. What a joke. The Canes in 99, 00 and 01? Who cares?

octavio de armas

Everything goes in cycles. ALABAMA was in a deep funk for a while. Look at them now. The same can happen to the U once again.


You hit the key point, Barry, regarding UM's season. Golden has been unable to recruit even one truly elite defensive tackle since he's been at UM. It's the most important position on any defense and UM just can't seem to land guys at this position. UM's defense, though Improved, will once again be held back this year because of lack of production at this position.


There is a 100% chance the Hurricanes win the National Title this season.


Pro scouts have tunnel vision. All they see are measurables like how fast you run or how high you jump. They're so busy measuring that can't see a football player standing right in from of them. Hurns was a no brainer as a future NFL player, but got lost in the NFL shuffle. He's right in the Dolphins' back yard and he wasn't even of their radar as a late round choice. That's why this Organization, if you call it that, is strikingly mediocre.


Dolphins 6-10 maybe 8-8 with a few lucky bounces or a few calls go their way! They have a few good players, Wake,Grimes,Moreno may prove out, Wallace if you can get him the ball, Hartline, the rookie James, Albert, Pouncey, then who else? 6-10 to 8-8 and .500 is optimistic!

Draft was average at best, no one wanted the GM front office job, Ross fails in Tallahassee, the stadium is half full.....mediocre at best!

freddy's dad

that load I shot out that night was definitely defective

Johnny C.

### I asked him if he will have more patience with Brad Kaaya, if he makes mistakes, then he would with an older quarterback. "No patience," he said. "He will execute really well.

I'm glad that Golden has such confidence in the kid. But here's the rub, when he does struggle Golden will sugar coat us like he's talking to us know nothing fans as how Kaaya is not struggling, but learning, gaining experience and it's all about the process...(other positions too) Where as a straight shooter like Spurrier and others will call it like it is, calling out and criticizing constructively, instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes like he does far too ofter for my taste.

Also, "Asked about constantly having to defend his friend, Golden said: “I don’t classify it as my friend. At Virginia, we went from 108 to 17 in defense.”

Coach the question was about "your friend" not the damn Virginia Defense 10 years ago. WHEN WILL YOU HOLD UR FRIEND ACCOUNTABLE ?


Al Golden for Dolphins Coach!! Next season.

Mike Redmond is the Best Professional Coach in Sfla.

D'Onforio is a better DC than K.Coyle.




My job is in Jeopardy

talk radio fan

Lebatard still out next week. It's Hoch's time to shine.

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