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New nonprofit aims to connect startup ecosystem

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By Norberto “Tito” Gil

A ‘good’ problem often times presents an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Miami has a ‘good’ problem on its hands: how can the various protagonists of the Miami entrepreneurial story be connected in a way that is tech-savvy and that allows for progress and productivity to occur in real-time?

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In discussing this problem with organizations and entrepreneurs in Miami, I was introduced to a vibrant software development company called Rokk3r Labs in South Beach. We shared a similar passion to tackle this issue. We identified it as a community concern that was actually an opportunity (a ‘good’ problem!). As a result we threw traditional thinking out the window and came up with something extraordinary: mapyourstartup.com, a web and mobile app to connect the Miami startup ecosystem!

Mapyourstartup.com is a not-for-profit with a mission to encourage, promote and connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami, and to showcase South Florida as a thriving business destination. At mapyourstartup.com, visitors get a real-time view into how many startups exist, which are hiring, who are the investors in the community and so much more.

What makes this effort even more special is that Rokk3r Labs held an event in South Beach to build the mapyourstartup.com web and mobile app in just 12 hours! We’re working hard to improve the site, and our next update will be releasing the data APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to the community through mapyourstartup.com, encouraging others to create mash-ups and their own apps (as well as request additional data) using the constantly updated information to support the Miami start-up scene.

In the few days since mapyourstartup.com launched, 45+ companies have registered. It is inspiring to see so many innovative companies in our backyard! Although most are tech-driven, they are spread out over a number of industries: fashion, payments, entertainment, etc. This is further evidence of the diverse talents, backgrounds and ambition present in Miami’s entrepreneurial landscape.  In order to further support these activities, we will be announcing our first event in the coming weeks for Miami’s entrepreneurial community.

As we build mapyourstartup.com to connect Miami’s startup ecosystem, we would love your involvement, feedback on how to improve, and thoughts on topics for future events. Connect via email (ideas@mapyourstartup.com), Twitter (@mapyourstartup) and Facebook (/mapyourstartup).

MapYourStartup.com was created by Norberto “Tito” Gil (@titogil), who is shown in the photo above, and Rokk3r Labs (www.rokk3rlabs.com). Norberto “Tito” Gil, an entrepreneur with a background in finance, is dedicated to further connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Florida, where he grew up. 

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