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Meet the startups in Incubate Miami

I had the pleasure of meeting the seven startup teams in Incubate Miami’s fall program yesterday in Incubate Miami’s new space on the fourth floor of the 200 SE 1st St. building in downtown Miami. I also sat in on part of  one of the mentor days  that happen every Tuesday and Thursday; the program has about 50 mentors who volunteer their time. On this day, Incubate co-founder Charles Volkert of Robert Half Legal, John Bullard of Flomio, attorney Kubs Lalchandani and Andrej Kostresevic of New Frontier Nomads (along with co-founder Marc Billings and program director Gerard Roy) helped them with their business and legal strategy, websites and investor presentations as they prepare for their Demo Day on Dec. 6. Tom Packert, the CTO of Carecloud in the area for other reasons, also stepped in for a bit to meet the teams.

Here is a short description of the seven teams, provided by Incubate:

(David Cohn): Production companies are seeking technology solutions to improve event
experience for attendees. With more than a decade in event promotions, this entrepreneur has a scalable ticketing system based on NFC technology that has already
received sales requests of over 60,000 tags for the winter season.

Incubate1iCare Intelligence (John Suarez): iCare Intelligence provides powerful software solutions for the healthcare insurance space. Having worked in the industry for years, John, the cofounder knows what solutions are needed and has already got MSO's excited about the product.

Kipu Systems
Franoszek, Natasha Duwin): Electronic Medical Records are hot. Kipu stayed out of the mainstream and found over 1,000 drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities that are still using paper for processing.

Incubate2NDO Guide (Amelia Clay, Alexis Irias): Trainer to NFL athletes Manning Sumner is ready to take his award winning workout plan to the mobile phone. With a personal trainer always with you, customers are able to experience increased performance and effectiveness at a fraction of the cost of an in person trainer.

PearFund (Leonardo Gruszka, Hector Vizcarrondo, Adriana Vizcarrondo): An experienced team with a proven platform addressing the needs of the crowdfunding marketplace in South America. With a megatrend opportunity, this is a team to bet on.

Regalos y Amigos (Gonzalo Funes, Lucas Funes): Custom crowdfunding for niche customers. Focusing on Latin America, the website allows you to connect and create a unique experience with co-workers, family, friends, clubs, etc. The right team, a deep understanding of the Latin market and superior features like a virtual wallet makes Regalos y Amigos a company to watch out for.

RentJiffy (Jonathan Addison): Successful entrepreneur Jonathan knows real estate. His product, RentJiffy, is a direct result of seeing a need in the small owner rental market. RentJiffy allows income property owners to easily manage their tenants, maintenance, other expenses for their properties. In a high growth income ownership market, this segment is unaddressed.

Incubate Miami will be hosting a meetup at its new office Oct. 27. Find more info here.

(Photos show iCare Intelligence's John Suarez going through his presentation with Charles Volkert and Amelia Clay and Alexis Irias of NDO Guide discussing strategy with Flomio's John Bullard.)