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News: HackDay is back, with $50K prize, bigger mission

HackDay will be back in Miami Dec. 8-9, but you may not recognize it. That’s because it has grown up and will be a significantly bigger event with an even larger mission, said HackDay Foundation’s founder, Demian Bellumio of Senzari.

LogoFirst, there’s a $50K cash prize. And if that is not enough to catch your attention, read on.

The HackDay Foundation is a non-profit organization that runs a series of international hackathons to promote startup development. The first HackDay was in Nov. 2011 in Miami, the second was in Buenos Aires in May.

According to The Next Web  today,  40 participants (who will need to take a test as well as register with a questionaire) will be selected for the free competition. After the hackathon ends Dec. 9, lasting a full day and through the night, five finalists who prove they “have the best potential to become a successful technology startup” will be selected from amongst the group, The Next Web reported. Over the next several days, the finalists will continue working on their hacks, but more importantly they will be encouraged to add team members at that time -- such as designers, whatever they need -- to develop it into a startup, Bellumio explained.  These teams will also be coached on developing the hack and forming a startup company to take it to market. This is all also  in preparation for the main event on Dec. 14: The finalists will present their companies to the crowd -- and judges' panel -- at FIU's Americas Venture Capital Conference.

Now, about that $50K, which will be provided by sponsors Knight Foundation and Tres Mares Group. The winning team announced at the AVCC will get an initial $30k cash award. To get the next $20K, the team will need to commit to participating in the new “HackDay Acceleration Program” at LAB Miami for three months, where the team will get free co-working space and mentorship from “HackMasters” and other leading entrepreneurs specially selected to help the winner “develop the hack into a startup,” Bellumio said. “We want to encourage entrepreneurs to stay and build companies in Miami.”

For more information, go to hackday.co