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For HackDay finalists, next stop: AVCC

After an all day -– and night -- HackDay Dec. 8-9 at the The LAB Miami's new, expanded co-working campus in Wynwood, 13 teams presented their hacks to a panel of judges. Martin Varsavsky of Fon, Ben Wirz of Knight Foundation, Artem Mikhlin, an angel investor, and Boris Hirmas and Faquiry Diaz Cala of Tres Mares Group scored the teams on seven criteria to select the five finalists that will present at the AVCC on Friday. And the finalists are:

^ NFC Games - Figures embedded with NFC chips that can interact with digital games through a custom tablet case (also 3d printer) connected to audio jack.

^ Chorus - App to simulcast music within a local network.

* Introduced.co - Application and hardware device that allows event attendees to stay connected without relying on outside Internet connection.

* PriceMagic - Price optimization platform for e-commerce retailers.

* AskMeOut - Dating service that algorithmically finds best match within your social network and pairs couples that want to mutually connect.

From here, the finalists can take the next few days to continue working on their hacks with help and mentoring at The LAB Miami and are encouraged to build out their teams. They can attend Wayra Global demoDay and its pitch workshop.  When pitching at AVCC, to an audience of several hundred, each team is expected to make the case for its product as a startup business. The winning team at AVCC will receive a $30K cash prize and an additional $20K and co-working space at LAB Miami if the team goes on to create a company. The winner will also get fast-tracked into the final rounds of a Wayra accelerator. 

For now, many were going home to crash.

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The finalists and judges of HackDay Miami (photo provided by Pabla Ayala of CVOX Group). Scene from the hackathon: A makeshift laptop stand with Red Bull cans (photo provided by LAB Miami)