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News: MapYourStartup unveils events feature, university partners

MapYourStartup LogoMaybe you want to break away from the computer for an hour or two in the evening. What tech meetups are within walking distance? Or perhaps you know you will be in another part of South Florida for dinner and want to check out the startup scene there before heading back home. With MapYourStartup.com’s new events mapping service, you can do just that, says Noberto “Tito” Gil, who co-founded MapYourStartup.com with Rokk3r Labs.

MapYourStartup, which launched a site to register your company and more in September, is rolling out the new events feature today. The feature will allow South Floridians to not only access information by location, but also by date, category and price. The map is divided into 10 regions, and color-coded pindrops will indicate events. Detailed information will be displayed once you select a pindrop. While the MapYourStartup team will be helping to populate the map for awhile, the idea is for community groups to map their own business, tech and entrepreneurship events just as 165 companies have already registered and mapped their information on the main map.

MapYourStartup also announced today  that it is partnering with the Florida International University and the University of Florida. “As part of our outreach activities to the start-up community, the Pino Center, in partnership with the College of Engineering and Computing, is working with Tito to assist him and explore ways to joint venture some activities," said Jerry Haar, executive director of FIU's Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center. The partnership also means MapYourStartup will be also providing its service to the Gainesville community in its first expansion.

Read more about these announcements on MapYourStartup's blog here. Stay tuned for more developments as the team continues to make enhancements to the site.