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5 more ways to brand your business with Instagram

By Tasha Cunningham

TashaIf you read my column in this morning’s paper, you’ve discovered five ways in which Instagram, the popular photosharing app can boost your brand’s buzz and potentially bring you a plethora of new customers. Here are five more ways to use Instagram and get noticed!

  1. 1. Create a virtual photowalk. Do you want your customers to have a true appreciation for your product, how it’s made and maybe even how it’s shipped? Then use Instagram to create a virtual photowalk and take them through the process. Major brands like Southwest Airlines have already done this by taking customers through a day-in-life of the company through photos of its corporate headquarters and even the aircraft maintenance hangar. Check it out at www.business.instagram.com.
  1. 2. Use Instagram Feed. So what do you do if you want to reach customers that may not have the Instagram app installed on their phones? Use Instagram Feed, a great feature that lets you share your photos on the Web. Just log into your Instagram account to try it now.
  1. 3. Share your brand’s history. Spotlight your brand on Instagram by curating a series of photos that show the history of how your company was developed. Do you have photos from the early 1800s when your great-grandfather started the company? Are there other interesting facts about how your company got its start? Create a history series and grab the attention of a potential customer.
  1. 4. Promote your favorite cause. Use Instagram to share photos of you and your employees  engaged in a community service activity. This is a wonderful way to promote not only your business, but a worthwhile cause as well.
  1. 5. Create an InstaMeet.  Invite people to meet you in person for a product demonstration or tour of your headquarters. Then, ask them to share pictures of their experience on Instagram. This worked well for CBS when they recently set up an InstaMeet with the cast of the TV show “Vegas”. Fans got to meet the show’s actors and took pictures which they shared on Instagram using a custom hashtag.

 In case you missed it, here is Tasha column in Business Monday with five more ways to build your brand with Instagram.