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Map your jobs! MapYourStartup.co adds job board

Are you adding positions at your startup and looking for tech talent? Or are you seeking opportunities to join a team?

MapYourStartup, a home-grown website where entrepreneurs can map their own companies and events, has added a job board to its site this week. “The companies on MapYourStartup.co have over 247 job openings, and our Jobs Board will now allow them to post the details of those jobs and better illustrate the startup opportunities in our community,” said MapYourStartup founder Norberto “Tito” Gil.

The Jobs board was made possible thanks to a grant from the Miami DDA. The board will be free for the time being and includes 10 categories, including a category for interns.  “The internship category has interesting potential. If local companies commit to having interns, then the domino effect could very well resemble that of a city-wide mentoring program -– we would be training the next generation of entrepreneurs,” Gil said.

MapYourStartup is also working on partnerships to execute initiatives that support the jobs board, including job-related meetups and an education series, said Gil. “Our ultimate goal is to help startups better attract, hire, and retain A+ talent.”  

To post a job: If you have an existing account, simply log in and select “Manage Account”, and then click on the Jobs tab to the right. If you are not registered on MapYourStartup, select Map Your Startup on the top right of the home page, register your company, click “Manage Account”, and
enter the job information.