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Milestone to celebrate: Guide app for iPad hits No. 1

IMG_0072With no fireworks or fanfare -– not even a press release -– the Guide iPad app was released on Monday. By Wednesday afternoon it had hit No. 1 in the U.S. in the news category, says founder and CEO Freddie Laker.

Led by Laker and COO Leslie Bradshaw, Miami-based Guide turns your favorite online news, blogs and social streams into video, using cutting edge avatar and text-to-speech technologies. The first release of the app contains more than 800 content sources and offers a choice of seven virtual news anchors. “We'll be announcing some very special and exciting content and character licensing deals in the near future, too,” Laker said in a short note to supporters.

IMG_0068On Wednesday afternoon, the app was also hovering around 80th  overall in the huge free category. Visit this link to download the app: http://gui.de/ipad-app-download

Laker said the team is hard at work on its Android tablet, Google TV, and web versions of Guide. “We will have lots of new releases over the next three months to make sure you can experience Guide where ever and whenever you want.” 

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