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#StartingGate special: 4 more ways to use Vine

By Tasha Cunningham

TashaIntrigued by the prospect of using Vine to promote your business? Here are four more ways to engage, educate and attract new customers with this popular social media tool!

  1. 1. Make an announcement.  Instead of sending out a standard press release when your firm has something to  announce such a new hire, product or service, use Vine.  You can either use Vine alone to make your announcement or embed a vine in a multimedia release that you can send out.

TIP – Remember to use hashtags in the description of your vine.

  1. 2. Speak another language.  If your product or service has multicultural appeal, why not create a vine and add a description in  another language? Check out this vine created by Toyota in Spanish - http://vine.co/v/bJJabDT9eZU

TIP – To find hashtags related to your business that are trending, check out www.hashtagify.me. You can search for hashtags and find out what languages they are being used in across social media.

    3. Show your support for a cause. Showing your customers how much your company supports a particular cause is an excellent excuse to create a vine. Help raise awareness by sharing a vine, such as this one for the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation -https://vine.co/v/bUOdApJhLDx.
         You can embed it on your website or simply share the link. MTV got  creative on National HIV Testing Day by creating this vine to spread the  word - https://vine.co/v/hz276zOAqLh

TIP – If you don’t have time to create your own vine to support a cause, find one that you like and “re-vine” it. Re-vining  is easy. To share someone’s vine with your own followers, all you have to do is tap a button at the bottom of the video.

  1. Get creative on a holiday.  Give  your customers a look at how your company celebrates a particular    holiday.  VH1 used Vine to showcase   a fireworks display at a concert in Philadelphia on July 4th - https://vine.co/v/hW6nD5tHnjm

TIP – Before you create your holiday vine, check out what else is out there. You can use          resources like Best Vines Ever - https://twitter.com/BestVinesEver  or search directly within the     Vine app.

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