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Dog-e-Glow, PetSmart partner up

Petsmart Patterns

Run puppy run to the nearest PetSmart store.

Products from Dog-e-Glow, a young Fort Lauderdale company that creates and sells stylish leashes, collars and other pet accessories that light up, rolled into more than 1,250 PetSmart stores around the country this week.

In addition to selling Dog-e-Glow’s top-selling Blue Doggie Bones LED Collar and Leash, the country’s largest specialty pet retailer will exclusively offer four new design sets -– a Halloween-themed plaid pattern and skulls design for the holiday, co-branded with PetSmarts private label brands Top Paw and Pet Halloween, and two new fashion designs, a floral design and one called “Redbone.” (Designs are shown above).

As part of the partnership,  the Dog-e-Glow products will also be available for the first time in extra small and extra large sizes. “We  cater to any size dog now,” said Brandon Bal, COO and co-founder.

Dog-E-Glow, founded by CEO Greg Brauser and Bal  in 2010, quickly gained traction, including with sales of its collegiate  lines of Dog-e-Glow collars and leashes, which sport the colors and logos of about 50 universities. The company has recently added pet harnesses and plans to offer the harnesses in its collegiate line next year. Dog-e-Glow products are also available on dogeglow.com and some independent pet stores.

“We’re very excited this opportunity partnering with PetSmart,” said Bal. “This is really the first time we’re going to be out in the public eye on a massive level. We’re looking to take this and leverage it, do some new things with other retailers with different patterns, different designs, while continuing to improve the product … and get the brand out there.”

The products, which are manufactured by their company in China called Direct Source, are weather-resistant and safe, the company said. The lights in the collars and leashes can be set to a steady glow or flash mode, and are visible up to 1,000 feet away in the dark. In addition to PetSmart, the products are also available online and at a few independent pet shops.