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Crowdfunding Friday: Get moving -- this UM team needs your support

This photo of UM students Alex Shapiro,Whitney Kimmel and Tes Michanthe three founders of KOLYR, and the photo below is by Zak Mann.

Three University of Miami business students banned together to produce a line of socially responsible footwear that will benefit their university. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their venture and launch the line. 

KOLYR is a line of flexible, lightweight footwear launching this winter that is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. The colors and design of the shoes are inspired by various universities in an effort to bring fans together and give students an outlet to support their favorite universities by showing off their school “kolyrs.” 

4editedTHE STORY: The KOLYR team -- Alex Shapiro, Whitney Kimmel and Tes Michan -- competed in and placed in the University of Miami’s School of Business Administration’s annual business plan competition and has been working to bring their dream to life ever since. Says Shapiro: “After 13 months of sweat and tears, we have a product prototype that is ultra lightweight and flexible, amazing offshore production partners, and an awesome product that is ready to hit the shelves.” They plan to launch the inaugural line in Miami just in time for March Madness and will feature shoes in orange and green tones reminiscent of their own university colors.

KOLYR, named after the Yiddish word for color,  will be sold at sporting events and community gatherings via their Brand Ambassadors program to build on the social experience of being a fan. KOLYR’s Brand Ambassadors (primarily students) will walk around these events passing out swag, creating buzz and engaging fans in cheers and activities to inspire their passion (and getting them in their first pair of KOLYR’s of course).

“The idea started here in Miami. Without the education we received at UM and the passion we have for the university, this idea wouldn’t exist, so we want to launch the line here first and make sure to give back part of our proceeds to the school,” adds Michan-Shapiro. Keeping in this spirit, KOLYR will set aside 5% of all their proceeds to donate back to the University of Miami as a way of thanking the school for its support, inspiration and encouragement.

THE CAMPAIGN: The team is trying to raise $10,000 and on Friday KOLYR was half way there. Visit KOLYR's Kickstarter campaign and  learn more about the venture at: www.Kolyr.com or www.Facebook.com/KolyrShoes.

Posted Oct. 18, 2013