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LiveNinja launches Katana to brings a human sales experience to ecommerce


LiveNinja, best known as a marketplace that allows people to buy and sell expertise via live video chat, is all business with its newest product: A platform to help brands deliver a face-to-face sales experience with their customers.

The Miami startup announced Wednesday the launch of Katana, a customizable platform allowing businesses to drive sales by connecting with customers using real-time video chat technology, rather than diverting them to another website or making any downloads necessary.

Katana by LiveNinja offers synchronous video, audio, text chat and screen-sharing features that businesses can use to guide potential customers to specific products or services. Businesses can customize the look and feel of the platform for a branded experience, and at the touch of a button, Katana’s platform drops down and connects the consumer to the company representative instantly. Businesses also can run reports, analytics and implement third party integrations to better track performance. 

“At LiveNinja we constantly think about what the future of e-commerce looks like, and we think it looks a lot like real world commerce,” says Will Weinraub, cofounder and CEO of LiveNinja. “When we go into a store in the real world, someone is there to greet us, to answer our questions and to point us in the direction of the right product or service that the best fits our need. It’s the human-to-human connection that make’s in-person sales so powerful, and now with the release of Katana, there is no reason businesses can’t have that same powerful, effective connection on their websites as well.”

LiveNinja, powered by local angel investors, has grown from a team of six to 10 in recent months, adding sales and marketing, and has moved into a new office in Wynwood. Last year, it launched Group Sessions and Events and soon plans to to relaunch LiveNinja 2.0 with  a mobile first approach from the ground up, said Weinraub. “Right now the focus is on Katana, … but group sessions have been going great and we have been receiving excellent feedback from our users. We consider it  one of our core features,” he said. “We're excited to take that feature to Katana as well, so that businesses both large and small can utilize it to serve their clients and customers.”