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MLS: No bid announcement Friday

Regardless of the news that emerges from Marcelo Claure's late-hour talks with Barcelona FC, MLS will not make an announcement on Claure's bid to bring a franchise to Miami Friday, a league spokesman said via email Friday morning.

There had been increased buzz in the last 48 hours that a decision by the league could be made Friday, but that was apparently premature.

Still, there should be resolution by the end of the day on Claure's efforts to keep Barcelona FC on board with his $40 million bid after the Spanish club expressed doubts about the plan last week.

Stay with us for the latest.


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Does anyone know what offer Claure is using to bring Barca back to the table?

barca never left the table. all they needed was to be reassured. looks like that happened.

How do you figure "looks like that happened"?

Barca still hasn't made a decision on what it is going to do.

It's MLS that wants this more then anything, Barcelona was playing hard ball.
They are going to make some deal and this is going to happen.
No announcement because MLS wants to do it on their own time table.

It looks like we won't get any news out of Spain, it's already past 10 PM over there. I guess we have to wait.

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