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State soccer postmortem

After stepping away for a few days to let the dust settle, here are a few thoughts on my week in Tampa.

1. Upsets are fun, but they don't often lead to state championships. Nobody expected Pine Crest to emerge out of 3A or for Varela to capture the Region 4-6A crown. Their runs were exciting, but it shouldn't be a surprise that they both lost early. One has to think University and Killian would have fared better.

2. It's really tough to write game stories on teams that don't score a goal. And this past week, there were more zeroes on the board than are in Obama's stimulus plan (Aside: $789,000,000,000 is a mindboggling amount of money).  South Florida's teams played 240 minutes of soccer. They didn't muster a single score. Blech.

3. The tournament should be brought back to South Florida. Even in a down year, three of the last 20 teams standing hail form South Florida. In other years, that number is doubled. How many people do you think made the trip to Tampa? Aside from families and girlfriends, none. There are several million people in Miami-Dade and Broward, a far bigger market than Tampa.

4. What do I write about now, especially if MLS is a no-go? Time to recalibrate.