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Confirmed: Blues interested in Serna


If nothing else, Miami FC's preseason roster has some serious buzz.

Last week, we reported the Blues had brought in Reiner Alcantara and Pedro Faife, two past members of the Cuban national team who defected last October.

Now, we have it on good authority that the team is seriously considering signing Diego Serna, who gained popularity in the area when he played for the MLS' Miami Fusion.

Our friends over at the Miami Ultras were at the Blues' scrimmage with Montreal Impact, and reported that Serna played for FC.

If he is formally under contract, Miami FC has not released the news -- which it undoubtedly would, considering the buzz his signing would create.

An obvious question: At 35, how well can he still play?

We'll be at the Blues' scrimmage against Barry Wednesday, and will let you know how Serna looks.


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Serna looked good on the field and in my opinion was the best player out there on Saturday. He can still play and he would be great with this team. Miami FC needs him to bring in the Colombian community and the old Fusion fans.
Go Ultras!
Vamos Miami FC!

Serna has said he want to play in Miami. It is in Miami FC hands. Fans in Miami want to see him play for Miami FC

Serna still got it. Aaron sign him.

Serna will bring in some old Fusion fans. Plus he is a great player.

The Ultras will be a the Blues scrimmage game against Barry.

Man I hope MFC sign Diego Serna. Vamos Miami FC Front Office.

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