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Now THAT'S an MLS town...

Seattle Sounders won their MLS debut 3-0 over the visiting New York Red Bulls in front of a very spirited crowd of 32,523 at Qwest Field. Club sold 22,000 season tickets, more than any other MLS team.

South Florida fans, take note.


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It was bittersweet to see such amazing fan support in Seattle. I was happy for them but at the same time it makes you wonder, why not here?

Anyone else who feels the same way should really join the Ultras and support Miami FC.

Miami Ultras will continue to work hard to get more support for soccer in Miami.

Pete Garcia why not let Miami FC play at the stadium. We are going to boycott any soccer games if you don't let them. MFC is our pro soccer team in Miami. Let them play.

Tell Mr. Garcia that we MFC fans will not support any event at FIU if he doesn't allowed Miami FC to play at the stadium. Let MFC play!!!!!!! Garcia get together with MFC and make it work.

We can't compare the long history of the Sounders with Miami FC, they really had a great foundation to build on the excitement of a new MLS team with a great DP player, but I think we should learn from them, and support MFC, so that when our time comes, when can make a similar transition to MLS.

As for FIU, Pete Garcia is lost, if he wants ever MLS to play at FIU, then he needs to think long term and allow MFC to build a home at FIU, to gather some momentum for 2012, or 2013.

Garcia lwt Miami FC play at FIU. Don't turn your back on MFC.

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