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Zinho on the Blues' 2-1 win over Montreal

Early deadlines and limited space kept a lot of interesting tidbits of the Blues' historic win over the Impact on the chopping block. Couldn't even fit in a quote from coach Zinho, who has Miami FC in first place of USL-1 for the first time in team history. So, it's time to empty the notebook and give you what the coach said after the game.

What is the significance of beating Montreal?

"It means a lot. The only team we've bever beaten before is Montreal. First of all, I want to thank God ... and then the players. They understood what we wanted to do, and they executed on the field. I'm really happy with this team. We've only had 20 days of work, but you already can tell that they're playing for that shirt, playing for Miami FC. It's like the shirt is their second skin. None of us thought we could do this in 20 days."

How good is Montreal?

"In my opinion, they're one of the three best teams in the league. They've played together for four years, and they've carried over the rhythm from when they played in CONCACAF. It's a team with leadership and a very deep bench. They don't break scheme when they bring players in."

What are your plans, considering Diego Serna won't be available against Rochester Sunday?

"I'm going to take a look at how the players recouperate and put everyone on ice. Saturday, we'll practice and stretch. We'll probably have [Connally] Edozien replace Serna up top. We need to see what exactly the rules are, regarding the red card."