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Final thoughts on Miami FC-Lynch's FC

Whew. Talk about dodging a bullet.

Had it not been for the 64th minute, life would look a lot different in Bluesville today.

Instead of moving on to face Charleston in the second round of the U.S. Open Cup, Miami FC would be in utter disarray.

Losing to an amateur team with nearly three weeks of preparation has that kind of affect.

While goals by Paulo Araujo Jr. and Diego Serna made that a moot point, it ain't exactly sweetness and light at Blues camp.

Zinho was stinking mad afterwards, and had really nothing positive to say about the effort. He essentially told me the score should have been 8-1, not 2-1. Then, he and general manager Luiz Muzzi had a long chat en espanol outside the team's locker room. Don't think they were talking about Brazil's chances in next week's Confederations Cup.

Should be a fun next week. Fourteen roundtrip hours on a plane and three matches in 93 hours could either bring this team together or pull it apart.