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Araujo named to Team of the Week

Paulo Araujo Jr. hasn't become just one of Miami FC's most dangerous weapons. He's become one of the more explosive players in the league.

Araujo, who wasn't even in USL-1 to start the season, has been named to the league's Team of the Week after scoring twice in the Blues' 2-1 win over Minnesota.


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That kid can flat out play!! He is one of the reasons we have turned things around and are in playoff contention right now. Can't wait for Saturday's HUGE match against Montreal!! Should be a great one!

Yes it should be a great game Miami FC need to win. Fans need to come out ans support Miami FC. We know that many out in the community don't know Miami FC exists. We that do need to spread the word. Everyone to FIU stadium Saturday night to cheer on our Blues..

Paulo Jr is the best player we have. We'll be lucky to keep him on the team for next year, I'm sure he will be sold.
Vamos Miami! Saturday we need the win!

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