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Michelle asks: Is Becks worth the $$$

David Beckham made his 2009 debut for the LA Galaxy on Thursday night against the Red Bulls, and fans booed his every touch. A crowd of only 23,238 showed up for the occasion, one-THIRD the number who were there two years ago, back when Becks was being considered the savior of MLS. Those days are long gone. Landon Donovan proved the better player Thursday, with a goal and an assist. Becks played 70 minutes, and looked exhausted.

Do you think Beckham has helped MLS in any way, or do you feel the league made a mistake bringing him over?


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Compared to Europe - MLS stinks!

Beckham is one of the biggest busts to step onto a soccer field... he has done NOTHING for the Galaxy, NOTHING for MLS and NOTHING for soccer in this country... There IS NO DEBATE here: Beckham is WAY overpaid. He hasn't earned 1/4 of what he is being paid...

At the very least he's brought exposure to MLS, even if he hasn't performed terribly well, or stayed dedicated to his team/league. Plus if I remember correctly the bulk of his MLS-related paycheck has to do with endorsements and merchandise sales, so while still overpaid, he's not a huge bust. He's helped to sell a lot of shirts, and get MLS some time on Sportscenter. Maybe not with his work on the field, but he has done something to further MLS. Every other "Beckham Rule" player has pretty much been better than he has, but he opened the door to real big name signings in MLS.

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