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Michelle's Musings...Welcome back Becks Edition

1. So, David Beckham is officially back tonight, gracing MLS fans with his presence after his Italian jaunt. While he was gone, Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan basically trashed him in the book The Beckham Experiment, by Sports Illustrated writer (and former Miami Herald intern) Grant Wahl. Donovan contends Becks was not a great teammate, and was stingy, to boot.

Becks had harsh words for Landon upon his arrival at camp, but says they have smoothed things over and if Landon is in scoring position, Becks will feed him the ball. We'll see if he sticks to his word.

2. I was at Wimbledon and on vacation in Spain during Gold Cup (Ronaldo Nike posters plastered all over Madrid saying "His Expectations are Greater than Yours''), but saw there were great, spirited crowds at FIU. That's fabulous. But it doesn't mean MLS would work there. Fans here are very passionate about international soccer. MLS, not so much. Maybe some day, but not yet. Seattle is the kind of place MLS works best, and the 30,000 crowd last week is proof.

3. Feel bad for Miami FC, which has tried every which way to get fans here involved, and is struggling at the gate. Announced crowd of 450 last week. Ouch. Hard to believe fans here (who had the HIGHEST TV ratings for Confederations Cup) wouldn't at least have some desire to see pro soccer live. But apparently, most don't. Never-ending dilemma.