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US-Honduras tomorrow

At the request of one reader, this will be a Beckham-Free post...although, would like to tell that reader that Beckham being booed two years after being welcomed as a savior, is, indeed, a big story no matter where in America we live.

US plays Honduras in the Gold Cup semifinals Thursday night. Should be a good game. US has proven twice this summer that it can beat the Hondurans -- 2-0 in the group round and 2-1 in a World Cup qualifier. Can they make it 3-for-3? I say yes. Even with the B team, plenty of talent and spirit.

Mexico plays Costa Rica in the other semifinal. Right now, Costa Rica is a better team, but Mexico has a lot of pride and wants to prove it is still a regional power.

As for MLS expansion to Miami..don't hold your breath. Best chance we had was Claure and FC Barcelona. If MLS bigwigs weren't convinced by that bid, it's a tough sell. Right now, my suggestion is to support Miami FC, the only pro game in town.