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Who's to Blame? Becks or fan?

David Beckham got a chilly reception from a good number of LA Galaxy fans on Sunday as he returned "home'' after a five-month extended Italian jaunt with AC Milan. Some fans carried signs that read: Go home Fraud. But the low moment came at halftime of the Galaxy's friendly against -- coincidentally -- AC Milan. Beckham apparently gestured for a rowdy fan who had been harrassing him to come onto the field and shake his hand. The fan jumped over the wall, ran onto the field and was arrested.

LA Coach Bruce Arena said the team regretted the incident.

Arena said in a statement issued by the team that it's important for fans to be able to voice their opinions but they must do it in an appropriate manner.

So, who's to blame here? The fan? Beckham? Both?


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The real question is... who cares??? Three straight blogs about an overrated has-been who plays for a team that is thousands of miles away in a league that Miami is not involved in. Unless Beckham is announcing he's going to play for Miami FC, FORGET ABOUT HIM!

Let's talk about potential MLS expansion in Miami. Let's start making a case for future expansion because supposedly there is chatter going around about expansion again. Let's talk about the Miami FC Blues great play as of late and why they are not getting fans in the stands. Talk to Diego Serna, or Zinho, or one of the hacks at Traffic who refuses to invest in the team. Let's talk about the Gold Cup and the U.S. team's chances going forward.

Any of those things or something related to that effect would be great. But please... if I wanted to read something about Beckham, I can go anywhere else. Cover MIAMI soccer for a change, please...

Yes lets talk MLS to Miami. Miami FC just don't know how to bring fans to the stadium.

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