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Blues suffer worst loss in team history; Zinho's job in jeopardy

The Blues hit rock bottom Wednesday night, as the Carolina Railhawks routed Miami FC 9-0 at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, N.C., handing the club its worst loss in the team's four-year history.

First-half goals by Daniel Paladini, John Cunliffe, Andriy Budnyy, Gregory Richardson and Joseph Kabwe buried the Blues and ensured their winless streak would reach seven matches.

Then things really fell apart. Kabwe added a two more goals in the second half and Sallieu Bundu tallied the final two goals late in regulation.

"A 9-0 loss is totally unacceptable,'' said Miami FC president Aaron Davidson. "It's embarrassing for Miami FC and it should be personally embarrassing for every single player on our team, and the coach.''

As for that coach, former World Cup champion Zinho, Davidson declined to say whether his job was safe, stating only, "We'll review what transpired and make decisions appropriately.''

Full story to come.


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THIS is as low as it gets... what happened???

I thought Zinho would be back next season no matter what, but with this result who knows? This team needs an overhaul bad!

Ouch. We suck. Hey Traffic, after almost 4 full seasons now it's painfully obvious. The system isn't working. This is no way to win games and win fans.

Clean house!!! You will not bring in fans with that team. Man we need MLS not USL.

You should be embarrass Mr. Davidson. sorry team that it show that is not pro soccer. We fans demand a better product and Miami FC/Traffic fails every year.

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