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Traffic to buy USL?

We've heard the same whispers as everyone else. Nike wants to dump USL, and Traffic Sports -- you know, the company that owns your Miami FC Blues -- is leading an effort by the owners to buy it.

This makes sense on a lot of different levels. USL-1 will truly become an owner-operated league, the exact opposite of the top-down bureaucracy of MLS, which has no interest in buying the league, according to The New York Times.

The question is: How to make USL profitable? Two options: trying to compete with MLS head-on as the nation's premier league (a dicey prospect, considering MLS' deep pockets) or make it the minor league for international franchises, sort of like what the Blues plan to do with Gale Agbossoumonde.

We'll probably have some sort of resolution on this matter this week. Just wanted to let you know I'm in the loop, and when there's actual news, we'll be all over it.