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Blues' season ends with loss

Miami FC's long road through the USL-1 campaign ended fittingly -- with a 3-1 loss to Puerto Rico at Lochkart Stadium.

The Islanders scored in the game's second minute and never looked back. The Blues, long out of playoff contention, finished the season in ninth place, with a record of 8-17-5.

Many questions surround the team as it heads into the offseason: Will it compete in 2010? If so, in which league? Will Zinho be the coach again? Will Traffic Sports dump the necessary amount of money into the club to make it competitive?

Of course, we'll be all over all this as the fall unfolds.


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Miami FC is bad second-tier product That is the true Jeff. Miami fans want a better product. MLS would be that product. Miami FC/Traffic did a lossy job pouting up a good team that can compete. Don\'t blame the fans. Most fans don\'t even know who is Miami FC. It\'s has to improve we want soccer in Miami.

It's sad to see how bad Miami FC is. Soccer in Miami would be successful if They just put up a good product. Bring back MLS to Miami.


MLS-2 + Miami FC = MLS

Well what's the news? MLS, MLS-2 or?

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