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Miami FC clarification

From Aaron Davidson, regarding the story I posted a few weeks back on the future of Miami FC after Traffic's bid to buy the league fell through:

"Miami FC is not in danger because Traffic didn’t win bid for league...Miami FC’s future depends in large part on the teams owning/controlling our league."

Plus, in case you missed it, my story from Sunday on Gale Agbossoumonde.


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One way or the other, it seems the rebel teams will have an owner-controlled league next year, be it a retooled USL or a new league. Either way it means MFC probably plays which is all I ask for(for now anyway, I still want better results from this team, and eventually an MLS return to So. Fla.).

I also would like MLS to return to Miami. Will Miami FC come our MLS team?

Why Miami FC don't just jump to MLS and make all the soccer fans in South Florida very happy.

I hope to see Miami FC become a MLS team. Hey Miami FC/ Traffic do you listen to the fans?

Miami FC will never move to MLS. Traffic has shown no desire to make such a move. I will cheer 100% for Miami FC but at the same time I want MLS to correct it's mistake and return to South Florida.

MLS is still very interested in South Florida but we fans have to make noise for the league(and investors) to really take notice.

Ultras I am ready lets do it. If Traffic don't what to move to MLS screw them. Let some other investor like Claure bring Miami MLS. I am tired of the USL low budget semi-pro soccer. Its time Miami get back what was ripped from the hearts of soccer fans. Lets unite and bring MLS to Miami.

Adam, Any news on the MLS/TOA meeting?

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