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Miami FC in New York

This much we know: Aaron Davidson is in New York, talking to Major League Soccer.

The nature of those talks, or if he's doing it on behest of Traffic Sports or the Team Owners Association, is unknown.

Traffic has been looking for an alternative to USL-1 ever since the league was bought by NuRock Soccer Holdings LLC in late August.

Both Miami FC and the league have been incredibly tight-lipped about the why the two sides are meeting, but it is not believed any sort of merger agreement is imminent.

When we hear more, we'll let you know.

Update: Davidson would not comment on the meetings, saying only, "As our [news] release said, we are exploring all options."

Update 2: More perspective here and here.


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MLS in Miami is what we want to hear Aaron Davidson. USL is not the answer. Fans will support MLS.

Aaron Davidson we want MLS...

If Miami FC goes alone to MLS all the better!
There is much buzz on all sites pro MLS in Miami, even if Traffic goes for it.

It time Miami FC to make the big jump. It will be successful.

Oh Please Miami FC giveus fans what we want MLS.

Yes please bring Miami MLS. No More USL.

What Miami needs is MLS. Bring it back.

show some civic pride and support what you have, fair weather whiners.

MIAMI FC worst in the USL in attendance..players on the field account for 5-10% of the total crowd...will the do a better job in another league...please

MLS Miami is music to my ears!

MLS Miami is what all the fans are asking for. Hey Javier if you knew how little Miami FC advertise you would understand why Miami FC has low attendance.

MLS in Miami would be successful. Miami FC to MLS would make everyone very happy.

I doubt this has anything to do with Miami FC trying to move to MLS. What is does mean is that they, and the other 7 dissatisfied ownership groups in USL-1 are looking to form a second division/minor league of MLS, which is great news if it happens.

In the end I just hope MFC continues to play in some league next season, and beyond.

What Miami FC/ Traffic needs to do is to go to MLS. Its the best US league and will bring fans to FIU stadium. MLS will return to Miami sooner or later, but hopefully sooner.

Every soccer blog I read that everyone in Miami wants MLS. Why Miami FC don't just do what fans wants and will support.

Hey Adam more news on Miami FC in New York.

MLS Miami is what all the fans are asking for. Hey Javier if you knew how little Miami FC advertise you would understand why Miami FC has low attendance.

Posted by: Miami Fusion forever
Fusion Fovever...the are dead extinct. you still waiting for Elvis to perform at half-time. Yes Mia FC does not advertise much..why? It cost money to make money and if they dont have money to advertise theyve got no money for MLS

Javier Traffic does have the money. They just have not put a big effort. I don't believe they will go to the MLS. Some investor will bring MLS to Miami is just a matter of time. If you live in Miami I hope you support our current team.

What is the latest on Miami FC MLS talks.

If you want MLS in Miami then join our cause and go to this site and support us! Sign up!

Miami needs MLS. It would be something we could build on. Playing at FIU is great. We need good players from different latin countries that would bring in a lot of fans.
Miami FC wouild be on FIRE. And immagine if Barca gets involved....

Adam, what's the news on the meeting between Miami FC and MLS?

What Miami need is MLS and not some semi-pro team.

Hey if Miami FC and MLS make a deal would Marcelo Claure be interested?

Man if Miami get MLS it would be so much fun. Miami FC you have to listen to the fans.

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