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U.S. MNT faces Trinidad & Tobago

Call me a glass-half-full kinda guy, but I think there's been too much "sky is falling" mentality surrounding the men's national team.

Yes, the Americans (4-2-1) have a tendency to blow leads. Yes, their midfielders couldn't hold a place in line. But still, they're a win away from all but locking up a spot in the World Cup.

With three matches remaining in the final round hex, the U.S. is tied with Honduras for first with 13 points. If Bob's Bunch finishes out with at least a win and a draw, it's hard to see how the team doesn't finish in the top three.

Best chance for a win: Tonight at Trinidad & Tobago. Here's the preview. Gametime is 7 p.m. Follow along live here.