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Hola de Honduras!

Hola de Honduras! Arrived in San Pedro Sula yesterday. Staying at US team hotel, which is lovely, but armed guards everywhere as a precaution. Funny moment: Walked by hotel bar last night and the band was playing "Sweet Home Alabama''! Never figured I'd hear Lynrd Skynrd in Honduras.

The city is absolutely abuzz over this game. It's all anybody's talking about. 42,000 tickets sold. Street vendors hawking jerseys and banners. Area around stadium blocked off to traffic. They advised media to arrive 6-8 hours early. For 24 hours, the political unrest is on the back burner. All anyone here cares about is Los Catrachos!

Should be a fun match. Shame it's not on US television. We published a list today of S.Fla spots where you can watch. Enjoy. Will check in again later from the stadium -- assuming the wifi works.