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Michelle's Thursday Musings...

Had a good time last night at Honduras vs. Peru. The Peruvians spoiled the Honduran party with a 2-1 win. Peru scored its first goal on an own-goal by Honduran Emilio Izaguirre in the 40th minute. David Suazo tied it up on a beautiful solo effort just after halftime, but then Hernan Rengifo knocked in the game winner in the 63rd minute. It was not the kind of warmup Honduras expected, especially against a team of mostly young, untested Peruvians.

The US had an equally horrid result, losing 3-1 at Denmark. NOT good. All three Danish goals in second half. A few key players, such as Landon Donovan and Tim Howard, were missing, but still...

Thierry Henry ADMITS it was a hand ball, but it doesn't matter. Ireland stays home. France goes to South Africa. Life isn't fair sometimes.

MLS names MVP today. Jeff Cunningham (who scored the lone US goal at Denmark), Donovan and Shalrie Joseph are finalists. Banking on Donovan.

If you haven't already, go to www.gousabid.com/miami and support your hometown bid.


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'Life isn't fair'? So that's your whole take on Henry? Just take a look at any soccer-related blog anywhere in the world today and it's jammed with critique of the ridiculous goal. Ireland wants a replay (won't get it), fans want video replays (won't get that either). But how about a take on the Europa League's use of goal officials behind each goal? That wouuld've caught Henry. Instead, we get 'life isn't fair'. Thanks for the insight.

No need to get so testy. Sheesh. The previous post was just quick little morning musings on topics du jour...not meant to be a full column or analysis on the Hand of God II. I will do that on Sunday.
Obviously, I think that was a horrible situation and totally unfair to Ireland. When the guy HIMSELF admits it was a handball, that goal shouldn't count. They absolutely should have instant replay for situations like that, not all calls, but situations that result in goals.
I don't blame Irish fans for being upset, and French fans have to feel a bit empty getting into the Cup that way.
There, that better?

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