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How good is Messi??

Lionel Messi 4, Arsenal 1.

Read that carefully. Again. That is not a typo. He scored a hat trick in 22 minutes. Is that insane? Is there anybody better in the game right now? Where does he rank in soccer history? w/Pele? Maradona?

Tell us what you think.

In other news, ManU trying to avenge 2-1 loss to Bayern Munich in Champions League today.

Closer to home, Miami FC opens the 2010 season Saturday night at Lockhart Stadium. I'll be there. Will you?



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As a gooner let me say that the first line of your blog hurts. Messi is by far the better footballer. He shines on a team loaded with talent. Rooney is a great player, but part of that is Man U's dependency upon him. Messi plays great because he can. Rooney plays great because he has to.

Well, i think Messi is in many ways, better than Maradona, but he doesnt win a World Cup yeath... Yeath! Thank you, Lionel, for play so magicly

by far he's been the best player for the past 2 years. I hope he gets to do all this during the world cup. If he does, then we'll be talking about one of the best ever. But don't forget he's only 22.. At this level there's no one else to compare.

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