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Messi vs. Maradona...

Last week, we were debating Messi vs. Rooney.

This week, after Messi's four-goal jaw-dropping game against Arsenal, I ask..is Messi better than Maradona. And speaking of Maradona, some feel the reason Messi hasn't been as much of a star on the Argentine national team is that manager Maradona is holding him back to preserve his own status as Best Argentine Ever. Is that possible, or not?




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Hmmm, I'm not quite ready to anoint Messi as the next Maradona just yet. Yes, Messi has incredible ability and his play in Champions League has been out of this world, but before Messi can make his claim to be as good as, or even better than Maradona, he has to prove it in the World Cup. I agree with you however, that Maradona the coach is Messi's biggest obstacle in the young star reaching his full potential. Maradona only cares about Maradona, that much he's shown over the past 15-20 years.

I have heard this argument and it is incredible to believe Maradona would do anything to hold back the country's national team. However, Jose is right that Maradona only cares about Maradona.

My opinion is Maradona won't be a very good coach, and he will slow Messi's growth for that reason, not any selfish reasons. I don't get that he has much talent for managing a team, dealing with the media, for tactics and all the not so glamourous parts of being the nat'l team coach.

its def possible. maradona's most memorable goal was a handball....

I have heard this argument too. But I thing Maradona wants Messi to play the way He played, Messi plays totally different and needs more liberty in the field without the pressure Maradona and everybody put on him

Messi has to come too far up the field to get the ball in order to be effective on Argentina. If he got the ball in an attacking position, like he does on Barcelona, the situation would be different.

I don't think Maradona intentionally holds Messi back, he's just not a good coach. Argentina applies no tatics in their games, it's all up to the experienced players like Veron and Zanetti.

The worst thing that hapen to argentina was beating urugay. If they would have lost that game, Maradona would have been fired, argentina would have gotten a real manager and still gone to the world cup and be in better shape. They need riquelme and he will not play if maradona is the coach. you would think a Country with the history that argentina has would be smarter that hiring a manager that has been a complete failure both times he coached

I think canesjunkie has a very valid point . . . Maradona is simply not a good coach, let alone a good role-model for his players.

Argentina won't (I hope) win the World Cup and it will be down to Maradona, proving that a fantasic player doesn't necessarily make a good coach or manager.

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