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Miami FC Media Day

Sorry for the radio silence, sports fans.

You might have heard that my focus has been diverted these days.

Yes, I'm now reporting on FIU, but don't take that to mean I've forgotten about the Beautiful Game. I'll pop up from time to time to give my thoughts on the Blues, World Cup, and anything else that piques my interest.

As for the local team, there's a newfound excitement in Bluesville. This could be the most talented team in the squad's five-year history. And they're about to unveil some sweet baby-blue unis.

Much more to come over at MiamiHerald.com in the coming days, but for the time being, here's a guess as to what the Starting XI will look like when Miami FC hosts Rochester at Lockhart Stadium, Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

FORWARDS: Abe Thompson, Paulo Araujo Jr.

MIDFIELDERS: Christian Gomez, Jarryd Goldberg, Paulinho Le Petit, Sean Cameron, Bryan Dominguez

DEFENDERS: Zach Kirby, Cristiano "Kaka" Dias, Mike Randolph, Kyle Veris

GOALKEEPER: Lance Parker


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Miami FC needs to start winning to pique interest amongst us. Soccer is South Florida might word to an intermediate degree.

Great to see some action on Total Futbol. I'll keep checking in for more Blues News.

Vamos Miami FC ! New season new hope. Come out and support soccer in south Florida.

Miami FC 4 Rochester 1. GO Miami !!!

Check out a very good website. Miami MLS talk is hot. www.miamisoccerfan.com

You listed a starting 12.

Miami FC has a squad this year.

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