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Charlie Davies...your view?

Considering what Charlie Davies went through to rehab after life-threatening injuries from a horrific car crash, should he have been given a chance to prove himself in upcoming World Cup camp? Or, do you agree with Coach Bob Bradley that tough as it is to make the decision, indications were that he was not ready so the spot went to someone more likely to make the team?

Tough choice. You make the call...What would YOU have done if you were Coach Bradley?


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Not even a question...although I feel bad for Davies, because, the nature and timing of the injury are terrible, the US National Team is trying to make a statement at the World Cup. Thus, it would be detrimental to allocate a place on the squad for Davies' out of sheer pity. He is still injured, continues to rehab and would not play at any World Cup fixtures. Therefore, the spot should be given to someone who is healthy and ready to contribute right away. Best of luck to Davies, however, as he is a good player with a bright future.

It's a real shame what happened to Davies, but it was more or less his fault for breaking curfew. He stays at the hotel that night and he's playing in South Africa. Better to give someone else a shot who is totally fit and has been playing.

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