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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take a breath...

After 19 days of fun, World Cup takes a two-day break before the quarterfinals. I spent some time looking around Cape Town, a really neat place. Here are some photos...






Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Que Viva Espana!

Spain wins 1-0 over Portugal, moves on to QF vs. Paraguay.

I was wrong...

David Villa scores in the 63rd minute...Spain ahead 1-0, and there are WAY more Spanish fans than Portuguese! Just heard them all!

Hi from Cape Town!

Hello from Cape Town...Spain 0, Portugal 0 at halftime.

Flew in from Johannesburg today, very different feel in this city. It's very green, whereas JoBurg is dry and brown, big mountains here dropping to the sea, dramatic shoreline, vibrant waterfront (think Bayside times 100)..Stadium is very nice, right down on the waterfront. Seem to be equal number of Spanish and Porguese fans.

Funny story: Sitting right next to me on the plane were two college-aged guys, turns out they are UM students from Algeria! Live on Brickell! On of them is a journalism student, and I teach in the UM journalism school on the side. Small world, after all!

Enjoy the rest of the game. I have a feeling Portugal will win.

Blatter: I'm sorry

Not that this will make English fans feel much better but....FIFA president Sepp Blatter says he is sorry for the officiating mistake that cost Frank Lampard his goal.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Brazil is too good...

3-0 Brazil after Robinho goal...

If ONLY the US had ONE player like theirs, just one. Wow, those guys are amazing on the ball. When they decide to push up, hard to stop them. you think Holland has a chance to stop them? Who's better so far, Argentina or Brazil? Tell us what you think, all you Smartie Pants out there!


Here is my view from Section 402, Row D, seat 158..i have no desk or power or wifi here, so had to wait til halftime to report in.

Brazil leads 2-0 over Chile...seems to have the game in control. Referee Howard Webb of England is considered one of the best, so don't expect bad calls tonight, though I don't know his linesmen. Aside: They play All the Single Ladies at all the matches, and also they play "It's Time for Africa'' by Shakira.

Winner of this match plays Holland next...


Did US under/overachieve?

Did US meet expectations?
Yes, they did what they could considering personnel.
No, they should have done better.
They did BETTER than I expected.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina up 3-1

Argentina went up 3-0 on an absolutely unstoppable blast by Tevez from 25 yards out...

Mexico just scored first goal in 71st minute, 3-1...

Watching Argentina makes it so much clearer that the US really could use a world-class striker..We have good, young, hard-working forwards, but not of the caliber and accuracy of  Tevez and Higuain, Suarez and Forlan, Klose and Podolski. Wonder why not? Any theories?

Another bad call by line judge...

Argentina up 2-0 over Mexico in 40th minute...first Argentine goal by Tevez should not have counted. Clearly off-side on giant screens at Soccer City. Mexican team protests, but nothing can be done. Goal stands.