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Argentina up 3-1

Argentina went up 3-0 on an absolutely unstoppable blast by Tevez from 25 yards out...

Mexico just scored first goal in 71st minute, 3-1...

Watching Argentina makes it so much clearer that the US really could use a world-class striker..We have good, young, hard-working forwards, but not of the caliber and accuracy of  Tevez and Higuain, Suarez and Forlan, Klose and Podolski. Wonder why not? Any theories?


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Hear Klinsmann post game thoughts today on ESPN for your answer to why our level is where its at.

He basically said the US youth soccer is a pay to play system that rules out the best athletes and sends them to other sports. 7-12 year olds either must pay lots of money to join the best club teams or get no proper technique.

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