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It's over...

USA loses 2-1 to Ghana in overtime..eliminated...Ghana moves on to play Uruguay in the quarterfinal.


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The U.S. was favored to advance past the first round all along, so even though I respect their effort I won't be dishonest and claim they really advanced the sport in this country. They had the talent to go further.

agree with bombay.

Our mindset has to change... we no longer should feel lucky to be there but play to win the games. Why start out with 2 players that have done nothing the whole Cup (Clark and Findley) when Edu and Feilhaber have produced everytime. Playing safe was not the way to go when we are just as talented as Ghana.

Michael, Ai! Bob, No!

Michael Bradley played his heart out and is a player for the future. His dad, should be made part of the past. His lineup choices, especially that of Ricardo Clark, is evidence that he is NOT a World Cup caliber coach. This was a World Cup in which the US had a real chance to reach at least the semifinals.It was all thrown away thanks to tactical errors by Bob Bradley, poor officiating by Hungary's Viktor Kassai, over-the-top acting and time-wasting by Ghana.

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