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129 posts from June 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kobe in the house!

How big is this US-Ghana game? Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton plan to be here.

Uruguay 2, S. Korea 1...

in 81st minute...Winner plays the winner of USA vs. Ghana.

Poll: Will US beat Ghana?

Will US beat Ghana?
US wins 1-0
US wins 2-0
US wins 2-1
Ghana wins 1-0
Ghana wins 2-0
Ghana wins 2-1
US wins 3-0
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Hi from Rustenburg!

Drove from Johannesburg to Rustenburg in a four-bus convoy with police escort! We were traveling with the US team friends and families. Two of the four buses had mechanical problems on the way -- they are hoping the team is in better working condition for the Ghana game.

Lots of American fans on the highway on teh way here, honking and waving American flags out the windows. Should be a fun atmosphere. It is warm here today, around 70 degrees, and sunny.

Four hours til game time...Where are you watching? What's your prediction?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Poll: Who will win Golden Boot?

Who will win Golden Boot?
Higuain (Argentina) 3 goals so far
Vittek (Slovakia) 3
Elano (Brazil) 2
Donovan (USA) 2
Fabiano (Brazil) 2
Villa (Spain) 2
Forlan (Uruguay) 2
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

President Clinton is hooked!

So, I got to meet with President Clinton this morning. He is here in South Africa watching the US team, working on the USA World Cup bid for 2018/2022, and working on his foundation prjoects. He met with 10 reporters for a round table, during which he praised the Miami Herald's coverage of Haiti, among other things.

He was scheduled to leave, but decided to postpone his departure until Sunday so can watch the US vs. Ghana match in Rusternburg. Last night, he met with the team in the locker room.


Ciao Italy..Landon's kiss

Italy finishes last in its group after loss to Slovakia and heading home.

In other news, if you were wondering who Landon Donovan blew a kiss to after scoring his game-winning goal against Algeria Wednesday night, it was his ex-wife/actress Bianca Kajlich. They split last summer after two and a half years, but remain good friends. He sang her praises at training camp, and again after the game. He said they ttwo had a nice phone conversation after the match. Asked if they might reconcile, Donovan replied: "What is this, Access Hollywood?''


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


USA not only wins the game on extra-time goal by Landon Donovan, but they win Group C over England..

Next game on Saturday in Rustenburg..


A deserved result, after getting two goals called back. America is on this bandwagon, right??


Landon Donovan  scores in extra time...USA 1, Algeria 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almost over...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desperate times call for ...

...DaMarcus Beasley...in for Bornstein with 15 minutes to go.