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45 posts from July 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Champion guaranteed...

Spain wins 1-0 over Germany....Spain vs. Holland in the final on Sunday. The two best teams never to win a World Cup. We are guaranteed a new champion.

Spain takes lead...

Puyol breaks the deadlock in the 73rd minute with header off corner kick...Spain 1-0 over Germany..how will the Germans respond? They have been hanging back and waiting for counter most of the second half, but they need a goal...

Cape Peninsula = Breathtaking

Spain and Germay underway...what a matchup! Torres benched for Spain. Mueller out suspension for Germany.

Germany has outscored opponents 13-2 this World Cup. Spain reigning Euro champion.

Spent the afternoon touring Cape Peninsula..STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! picture Hawaii, Greek Islands and Northern California coast...saw penguins, seals, baboons, ostriches, and breathtaking vistas...here are a few photos to give you an idea...








Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3-2 Final. Holland in final...

Uruguay's Pereira scored 90th minute to make it 3-2, but Holland hangs on to win. Holland in the final against winner of Spain v. Germany. Orange Nation erupts. Off to do interviews....

Double Dutch

Wesley Sneijder scores in the 71st miinute to make it 2-1, and two minutes later, Arjen Robben scored to make it 3-1. Dutch fans very excited now. Uruguay needs a miracle...

All tied up!

Sea of Dutch orange in Green Point Stadium...small patches of Uruguay blue in each endzone. Holland goes up 1-0 in 18th minute off a 30-yard left-footed screamer of a goal by captain Giovanni Van Bronckhorst. Not to be outdone, Uruguayan captain-for-the-night Diego Forlan whips a 30-yarder with his left on the other end in the 41st minute to tie it up. 1-1 as we approach halftime.

Uruguay hasn't been this far in 40 years. Amazing story.

It's getting wild in Cape Town!!

The scene on the streets of Cape Town: Thousands of orange-clad Dutch fans, singing and chanting...kids, grandparents, you name it. Wearing orange scarves, hats of every kind, feather boas, boots, clogs, overalls. Lost in the sea of orange are the Uruguayan fans, most of them with their blue and white flags draped over their shoulders. Party has been going on since noon, and game is still hours away..here are some photos...



Sunday, July 04, 2010

Poll: Who will win the World Cup?

And the winner will be...
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Bye Bye Diego...

Streets of Cape Town are a lot quieter today after Argentinas loss...but the Dutch should be arriving in the next 24 hours...Oranje Nation always fun...

Here's my story on Argentina's drubbing by Germany.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Germany 4-0? Really?

Unbelievable..Germany makes it 4-0 with 89th minute goal by Klose...It's over. Germany outscored England and Argentina 8-1. Wow. Share your thoughts, fans...