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Bradley has NOT resigned.

Internet rumors that Bob Bradley resigned from US Soccer to take the Aston Villa job in England are not true, according to US Soccer officials, Bradley's agent, and a source close to negotiations.

US Soccer spokesman Neil Buethe said: “The reports that Bob Bradley has resigned are not true. U.S Soccer officials plan to continue discussions with Bob in the near future.''

Bradley, whose contract with US Soccer expires at the end of December, is a leading candidate to replace Martin O'Neill at Aston Villa. The club is owned by American Randy Lerner, owner of the Cleveland Browns, which has fueled rumors on both sides of the pond that the American coach would get the job.


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Bradley is going to be eaten alive in the EPL if not by the fans, then by the press. Over there, there is only one thing worse than a French soccer coach and that is an American one.

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