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Maradona to England?

Maradona has thrown his hat into the ring for the vacant Aston Villa manager's job. He said, through a representative, that he loves the English countryside and would love to coach in the Premier League. You think the EPL is ready for Maradona and his kisses?

Would he be a better choice than Bob Bradley, Sven Goran Eriksson or Kevin McDonald, who has the team off to a good start?


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Sorry, there's not enough cocaine in England for Maradona to move there, not to mention it is of very poor quality.

stoppppp don't be so mean spirited. He's in recovery. Don't piss everyone off. Like you've never done anything you regretted later? Please pal. Don't say anything negative when you don't have to. We're all guilty of some ugly thing. Be nice for crying out loud

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