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Neymar rejects Chelsea!

Brazil's 18-year-old phenom Neymar, who gave the US national team fits in a recent friendly, has made a shocking move -- rejecting European clubs such as Chelsea to sign a 5-year extension with Santos in Brazil. Neymar consulted his father and Pele, and decided to stay close to home.

Neymar told reporters: "The final decision always rests with the player. My father always will want what is best for me. I talked to him and decided to stay. Money alone does not bring happiness. I'm happy here and I want to continue being so. It was a complicated decision, very difficult. But God gave us the wisdom and power to make the best decision. Now it's time to only think about Santos and winning more titles.''

Santos' president Luis Alvaro praised the teen for his "courageous decision'' to stay in Brazil. He said the decision might lead other Brazilian young players to stay in their homeland and strengthen the Brazilian domestic league.

"We've built a different possibility,'' Alvaro said. "We no longer accept the idea that we're an underdeveloped nation always at the mercy of the powerful European clubs.''

What do you think of Neymar's move?