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US still has way to go...sigh...

Michelle's Musings the morning after USA thumped by Brazil 2-0....

1. The US still has no prospects the likes of Neymar, an 18-year-old kid, who looks even younger, and toyed with the US defense. Wow, that kid is good. I now see why everyone in Brazil, including Pele and Romario, wanted him in South Africa. Bet Dunga is second-guessing that decision. Pato is very good, too. US doesn't have guys with that kind of speed, touch and guile.

2. Why is it that every time the US team seems to take a step forward, it is followed by a step back? Yes, this was only an exhibition, but it was in front of 77,223 fans (!!) and a national TV audience, and it was a great chance to do something special. Instead, Brazil's young and untested players were the ones who shined. Were it not for great goalkeeping from Tim Howard and Brad Guzan, score could have been even more lopsided.

3. Jogo Bonito is back, and that is good for soccer.

4. The good news for US: Crowd of 77,223 at the Meadowlands was the 18th crowd of 50,000 plus for a game on US soil since May 2009. The sport is catching on here, for sure. Now, we need our best athletes to consider playing it instead of football and basketball, need more outreach to Hispanic and black youth, and then, maybe then, we find an American Neymar.



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Doesn't matter who the opponent is. That was a lifeless, scared performance. This team has gone as far as it can go with Bradley. New blood is needed, on the sidelines and on the field. Certain people should never wear the jersey again - Bornstein, Buddle, Bornstein, Kljestan, Bornstein, Bornstein, Bornstein, Bornstein and Bornstein. Did I mention Bornstein? Also, Bocanegra, faithful servant that he has been, is past it. Spector can't play FB. Too slow; he needs to be a CB. We're entering the dark ages again.

Dude, I don't know what you really expect. US Soccer is nothing more than a sentimental pastime. We will never have the talent on the field necessary to be successful as long as soccer is the 6th most popular sport. There is just no chance. I just can't get behind US Soccer because they don't give us anything to root for. It's always one let down after another.

(BTW, beating England in our group was nothing to be happy about. They are losers just like us.)

What do I expect?? I expect to be #1. At everything. This is the United States of America. This isn't Romania. This isn't Venezuela. This isn't Thailand. This isn't New Zealand. We're supposed to be the leaders of the world. That entails being #1. In everything. Even if it's something the general populace doesn't give a crap about, like soccer. Bob Bradley can't get the job done. Get rid of them - all of them - and find people who CAN get the job done. And if the people in charge can't find those people, then they, too, have let down their country and they need to go as well. There is ZERO excuse for this.

Dude the source is the development of soccer in this country, Start by clubs having their own academies then move on from there a strong and stable D2, followed by pro/rel in MLS. Who are we kidding here if owners aren't scared of their team being relegated then they don't pump money into the team, basically it's the same old same old.

Slowly, but surely the US will get there. But as a first step, Bob B. has to go, he has had his chance. What has never been seen in the US team is forward going attacking soccer. Always these boring, cowardly backpasses. No dribbling, faking, explosive running it's just non existant.
As MLS is growing, it's quality is getting better. And as soccer is getting more and more exposure, it will attract better and better players.

Shep, the US is not number 1 in the world at very much anymore except maybe arrogance and backwards thinking. And who appointed us "leaders of the world"? There's that arrogance I was referring to...

WSW, it does not matter what the clubs here do with academies or if there are different divisions. The American public do not appreciate the beauty of the game, and forget about them accepting a draw. We don't know what to do if there isn't a winner and a loser.

Bill, "slowly but surely the US will get there" has been the mantra of the US Soccer program for 60 years. It's not going to happen.

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