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So, let me get this straight...QATAR, a country the size of Connecticut, a country with no soccer tradition to speak of, a country that has never qualified for a World Cup, a country that has to spend billions of dollars to build stadiums, a country whose bid was deemed "high risk'' by FIFA's own inspectors, a country that reaches temperatures of 120 degrees in the summer, a country that has serious human rights issues...that country was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup ahead of the United States, a country with all stadiums and infrastructure in place, a country that had the highest-ranked bid according to FIFA inspectors, a country that drew a record 3.6 million fans when it hosted in 1994 and would likely draw 5 million this time, a country that has regularly qualified for the World Cup since 1990. Please explain that.

As my friend Bonnie said: FIFA Soccer has been rebranded $occer.