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Garber to Miami: Not Yet.

MLS commissioner met with the Miami Ultras, a local fan group, on Saturday to discuss the possibility of bringing MLS back to Miami. He loves Miami, and hopes to one day have a team here, but don't hold your breath.



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You really suck Michelle. I will stop my subscrition to the Herald. I will tell all my friends to do the same.

Your anger should not be directed at me. I merely wrote what Don Garber said. I, as much as any soccer lover down here, would love a team to cover. I loved covering Miami Fusion, but MLS is not convinced this market cares about MLS, and it's hard to argue. This is a very soccer-savvy market with the highest TV ratings for the World Cup and Champions League, but has not shown the same interest in local club teams. Until that happens, MLS will be wary.
Michelle Kaufman

the reason the people are not interested in watching the locasl clubs is because the local club miami fc stinks and on top of that they dont have more than 3 local players... they bring brazilians from the 5 th division in brazil and no one is really attracted to watch that...and its a shame because theres is plenty of local talent....and yes its true miami is a tough market because theres plenty of people from different countries who love soccer and that should be miamis strenghts but it's also its weakness...

I'm behind on this article.

Don't know how anyone can argue with Garber or Michelle. S. Florida is a bad sports market. Doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes. ..such as in baseball and soccer.

I would love the return of the Ft Lauderdale Strikers from the 70's/80's. Generally made of of big English name players. Also had Teofilo Cubillas, Goerge best, and Gerd Muller..some of the biggest world stars ever. Meet the players at the bar after the games. Awesome time it was.

The Fusion were a Latin themed team playing in Ft Lauderdale. Need to either reboot the English/Dutch/German themed Stikers; or... if we want a Latin themed team. Give it one more shot ..but in Miami. Probably need a mix of top players from Haiti/Jamaica/Central and South America to appeal to the fans.

I still have my doubts. The city does not support sports except for the Dolphins..and often the opponents fans outweigh the local fans.

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