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Plea from Miami soccer fan:

Hello South FL soccer fans! This is J from Miami,

I’m writing and posting this on as many south fl based soccer websites as I can find.  Like many of you out there I want a Major League Soccer team back in Miami.  I think it’s time for our South FL/Miami fans to make a big televised push for some major TV based publicity in bringing back MLS to Miami.  On June 10th there will be two Gold Cup matches played at FIU.  These are internationally televised soccer matches.

My wife and I have midfield tickets preordered for June 10th at FIU.  I have made a sign that reads “BRING MLS BACK TO MIAMI.”  Although we may not support the teams playing June 10th, imagine the message Miami soccer fans would get out to MLS (Don Garber) if we had loads of MLS supporting fans with similar signs.  We would also be showing the potential for fan support simply by the cameras catching images of a full stadium.

Although the US weren’t part of the matches played at FIU two years ago, we went to them anyway.  The stadium was packed; many people purchased tickets at the gate.  I believe it was nearly sold out, one ticket for two games brought in loads of fans, which is also why we went.

Let’s grab Don Garber’s attention once again!  Show your support for a Miami MLS future by going to the FIU based Gold Cup matches on June 10th with your signs and old Fusion jerseys ready!

Just so everybody knows, we will be making the trip to Tampa the next morning to support the U.S.  I will probably bring the sign to that match as well to show Garber we mean business (Miami fans will travel for good soccer too).  I’ve got midfield tickets to those matches also.

Please post this message on any south fl based soccer websites you know about, lets get the word out!!! See you at the FIU Gold Cup games!


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...or you could prove that South Florida supports it's local team by showing up at Strikers games. Of course Honduras and Jamaica will draw fans. But that proves nothing to MLS. Just because someone supports their international side does not mean they will buy tickets to see local soccer, which is what MLS will bring.

I'm all for MLS coming back to South Florida but let's get real, the only way to show MLS that we want top tier pro soccer back is to have great crowds at Lockhart. The Strikers are doing well so far. Look at Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Montréal. The last 4 MLS expansion cities all had great support for their D2 sides.

Of course fans should support local soccer but according to this article the attendance at the FIU Gold Cup matches DOES matter. Stated by potential Miami MLS franchise investor Marcelo Claure: http://mlsmiami.blogspot.com/2011/05/la-academia-q-with-marcelo-claure.html
You also have to realize, this event is TELEVISED! Striker games are not. The purpose of us going to FIU is to show the rest of MLS that Miami is ready to be a part of professional soccer again.
Jamaica will definitely draw fans as will the other teams. Jamaica has the most players on their national team in MLS. The potential for Miami based MLS fans is huge. There are more CONCACAF supporters in Miami than anywhere else. All we need is the right mix of players on a Miami MLS team. MLS in Miami WILL work!

Marcelo Claure doesn't get to decide if Miami gets the next MLS team. Don Garber might not do it alone, but he has a big say in it. He has said over and over recently that in-person, grassroots, vibrant supporters culture is necessary for Miami to be considered. When the Strikers are topping 10K or 11K, when Miami people stop being navel-gazers and realize staying home won't work, that's when things will start to happen for you. Support your local pro soccer team.

National team support is nice but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to MLS support. Plenty of cities do well when it comes to international games. Those fans rarely support their local professional club.

18000 + at the Gold Cup in Miami will open MLS eyes.

The Miami Fusion should have played in Miami, not Ft.Lauderdale. The attendance would have gone thru the roof in comparison to attendance at Lockhart Stadium. There is not enough appreciation for the game in Ft.Lauderdale as there is in Miami. The majority of "Fusionados" were from Miami!!!!!!!! The team should have played at the Orange Bowl as it was originally suggested... Please, Please, Please bring the MLS back to "MIAMI"!


Oh how can I forget to add this. If anyone reads this please note. BRING BACK RAY HUDSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he took over, the team had it's greatest season going 16-5-5 in 200/2001 compared to 13-19 in 1999. We were in first place for the majority of the season. This mans' blood is filled with little soccer balls. If we start another MLS team here in Miami, have Uncle Ray run it.

The Ft Lauderdale Strikers of the 70's/early 80's were great fun. Nice crowds. Post game parties with the players at a local bar. But NASL was basically just going through a fad in half the cities.

In those days, NASL was acquiring the world's best players in a time when there were few,so everyone new who they were.

Strikers had Van Beveren, Gerd Muller, Teofilo Cubillas, Gordon Banks, George Best ..among the cream of the crop. Ray Hudson wasn't a world star, but he was a good player and a colorful guy who livened things up.

I'd like to see Ft Lauderdale Strikers back in the MLS despite the distance from Miami.

The distance??? It's 45 minutes from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. On one straight road. Are you people in Florida such pansies that you can't drive less than an hour to go to a match? And you think you deserve a team? Stop your whining already. This is why you're not in MLS anymore. And this is also why the Tampa Bay Rays will be leaving. Sad.

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